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Have been diagnosed with Planter Fasciitis (SPUR)? Find out how the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the best alternative treatment for this disorder.

Planter Fasciitis
One of the most common disorders affecting the heel is Planter fasciitis of the foot. The details anatomy of the heel shows a tough connective tissue (known as plantar fascia) connecting the heel to the toes. This type of tissue is usually inflamed and created severe pain which causes a difficulty in walking, particularly in the morning.

Acupuncture treatment of PPlanterFasciitis
The typical symptom of Planter Fasciitis is characterised by pain in or near the heel which occurs first thing in the morning once the patient  put the foot down to walk. However, when the foot warms up during the day it will ease the pain. However, when the plantar fascia is over stretched (during running or ballet) this may cause more irritation and inflammation.
Most patients with this problem try to avoid walking on the affected heel and this may add extra pressure on other parts of the body, which may cause problems in the back, hips, knees and/or legs. So that why an early treatment is recommended in order to prevent such side effects affecting the other parts of the body.
Although no obvious cause has been identified in planter fasciitis, it may be seen in some people doing a lot of running and also in overweight people who are between 40-60 years old. In addition, certain factors may contribute to the cause plantar fasciitis which are:

Heavy exercise and sporting that may contribute to a great stress on the heel
Abnormality in the foot such as High-arched feet
Long standing (for hours) on their feet.
Flat feet

The main issue for acupuncture treatment of this type of disorder is to ease the foot pain by reducing the inflammation in the connective tissues (Plater Fascia). Most people with planter Fasciitis are unaware of the benefit of acupuncture in this disorder as the Traditional Chinese Medicine is the best alternative treatment. The acupuncture works by simulating the release of natural pain killers (endorphin) to ease the pain and also the release of  powerful natural anti-inflammatory hormone (Cortisol or the mother of steroid) to clear the tissue’s inflammation. Furthermore. The patients with Planter Fasciitis advice to take certain exercises which work alongside the acupuncture treatment.
The Acumedica clinics have the highest standard of acupuncture treatment and the exceptional patient care in Planter Fasciitis. If you suffer from this problem, acupuncture may be what you've been looking for to ease your symptoms and reclaim your health and vitality. Please call us for a consultation today at www.acumdeica.co.uk