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Do you suffer from Morning Sickness or its severe form “Hypermesis gravidarum”? Traditional Chinese acupuncture is the best alternative treatment and has been proved to be successful therapy in morning sickness and Hyperemesis gravidarum acompared to that by Western Conventional Medicine.

By Dr. Tukmachi
Clinical Director of Acumedica Clinics
General consideration
In some women, the main troublesome in early pregnancy are nausea and vomiting. Past and recent clinical research trials proved  that acupuncture reduced nausea, dry retching, and vomiting, and improved the health status of women in pregnancy. Most women suffering from the symptoms that can make the early months of pregnancy a misery for many mothers.

Acupuncture uses a variety of points on the forearm or abdomen, whereas p6  (pericardium acupuncturer point) involves a single point classically associated with nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness varies greatly in its duration and severity and so that why the name is misleading - this disorder is not confined to the mornings, but can occur at any time of day and last from few minutes to several hours. With the treatment by  acupuncture, the severity of the condition will lessen as well as the frequency with which it occurs.

Usually the main concern by both mothers and doctors alike is the adverse effects as well as vulnerability of a fetus to medication for treatment of morning sickness.  However, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is a safe, healthy, and natural therapy for reducing pain and discomfort for a variety of afflictions during pregnancy. The best advantage of acupuncture in pregnancy that It will not negatively affect the baby's health or development, unlike the possible side effects of some Western medication. The combination of a healthy diet and  acupuncture treatment sessions can help pregnant women to reach their goals of a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy.
How Does Chinese Acupuncture help morning sicknes?
The Traditional Chines Acupuncture can help to  balance the hormones and also to increase the good feeling natural hormone (endorphin) levels which make us feel better in general. Each patient with morning sicknes has a different experience of nausea- whether it is worse when they eat, dependant on what foods they eat, whether they have a bad taste in their mouth and how severe the nausea is. The job of a good acupuncturist will then to give  the patient with an estimation of  treatment success with acupuncture, how long that might take and to create a treatment plan. Most women after a course of acupuncture treament feel much better to tolerate food and smells.

How many acupuncture treatment sessions a patient will I need?

Each patient's response to acupuncture treatment is variable. In some cases a woman may only need two treatments to feel better while others need to have regular treatment sessions for a month before they maintain a good effect. In most cases, the successful acupuncture treatment for nausea is  twice a week sessions for at least two weeks.

Do the acupuncture treatments hurt?
Acupuncture is  known through ours and other acupuncturists' experince that needling is hardly ever an uncomfortable experience for anyone. Especially when a patient is feeling sick and puny, the acupuncturist will take even more care and be very gentle when giving treatments. Women are always pleasantly surprised to find that they can barely feel the needles at all and feel refreshed and relaxed after the treatment.
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