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How to beat back pain and then treat it with Chinese and Western Acupuncture?

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The Back Pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders which force sufferers to seek medical advice and treatment. Around 80% of the world's populations are suffering from back pain at some point in their lives and the most common one is the lower back pain.

There are 6 main causes for low back pain:

acumedica clinic Local muscular rheumatism with or without Lumbar muscle strain:
Exposure to cold and dampness may lead to low back pain. Physical Muscular strains can be caused by lifting and bad posture may trigger muscle spasm which leads to episodes of low back pain.
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Prolapsed disc:
The prolapsed intervertebral, is the most common cause of low back pain.
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pondylosis (spinal stenosis):
It is of great incidence in old peoples when their spinal canal Narrowed by the process of spinal wear and tear (osteoarthritis) or other causes. If the spinal canal is severely narrowed the low back pain will be the main symptom.
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Spinal Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis of spinal joints can also cause low back pain.

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It is degenerative changes in the lumbar spines which may cause abnormality in the stable structures of the spinal column. If the spine disturbed anatomically, back pain can become a main problem.

How do you help your back pain before the start of acupuncture treatment?

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What medical conditions could be treated with acupuncture at Acumedica Clinics?

  1. Be mobile at work: if you work in office or sitting most of the day in a chair, you have to stand up and do walking exercise for at least 2-5 minutes every ½ hour.
  2. Daily exercise: you have to do a daily exercise any time during the day or night. Brisk continuous walking for at least 40 minutes and kick the routine habit of home sitting without any exercises. Swimming is also a very useful exercise and you can do it twice a week. The other useful exercise is cycling of once a week which make the spine more flexible and mobile as well as the spinal muscles more strong.
  3. Careful about your posture: try to sit correctly in front of your computer by placing the screen at right height (i.e  let the 2/3 of the screen at the level of your eye), adjust your knees and hip joints in vertical (90 degrees) position.
  4. Your joints positions in your movements:

    - Bend knees and hips rather than the back.
    • - Do not lift or carry heavy goods at any time or carrying a heavy rucksack.
    • - Do not do simultaneous bending and twisting the back.
    • - Smoking hurts your back and it the time to quit smoking.
    • - Try to reduce weight if you are overweight or obese, simply because the excess of weight will put pressure on your spines and all weight bearing joints.
    • - You spend half of your life sleeping, so try to make your sleeping comfortable by selecting the bed and mattress compatible and matching your dimensions parameters (age, height,    weight and sleeping posture).

      Why you should consider Acupuncture treatment for Back Pain?

      Acupuncture is the best alternative therapeutic option to treat low back pain compare to western conventional treatment. It has been reported that acupuncture has, in the past few decades, increased in its popularity for management of low back pain. This finding was based on placebo-controlled studies published in the Clinical Journal of Pain have validated it as a reliable method of back pain relief. The study proof that acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for low-back pain with maintaining positive outcomes for periods exceeding six months or longer without producing the negative side-effects that often accompany more traditional pain remedies such as anti-inflammatory steroids or pain medication.

      For more information on Chinese Acupuncture and its therapeutic effects on all back problems (including sciatica), please contact us at : www.acumedica.co.uk .
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