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Do you suffer from FIBROMYALGIA RHEUMATICA Syndrome? Western and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the best alternative treatment for this syndrome.

By Dr Tukmachi
Clinical Director of Acumedica Clinics

Fibromyalgia is a disabling  syndrome which has unknown etiology and characterized by the following chronic  signs and symptoms:
anxiety and depression Insomnia and sleeping pattern disturbances
Acute and chronic pain
debilitating fatigue
muscles and joints stiffness  
chronic headaches  
General dryness, but mainly in mouth, nose, and eyes  
Lack of concentration, Irritabilities in digestive system (acidity, feeling sick and irritable bowel syndrome)  
In women: dysmenorrhoea (painful period)
Bad peripheral circulation which lead to Raynaud's phenomenon and restless legs syndrome  
The diagnosed  of fibromyalgia will depend on a history of widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body for a period not less than three months. This syndrome has no physical damage to any organ or tissue in the body and no single laboratory test will be able to confirm its diagnosis. In Western Medicine, no cure is known and the   treatment is mainly include various type of medications to treat the symptoms in a trial and error approach . However, the available treatments have only slight effects on this syndrome. Research studies have indicated that people who drink water before the three traditional meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) may lose weight faster than drink it during or after. This is because the effect of water l will lead to the sense of fullness and the end results will be eating less food with fewer calories in each meal.
The Chinese acupuncture medicine is not considering fibromyalgia syndrome as a single disease pattern. The acupuncture  in fibromyalgia will treat the specific symptoms that are unique to each individual depending on their constitution, emotional state, intensity and location of their pain, digestive health, sleeping patterns and an array of other signs and symptoms. The treatment course may consist in addition to acupuncture, the combination of: psychological or behavioral therapies, medications, exercises, change of life style, healthy diet and bodywork.
It has been recently reported that acupuncture is very helpful for treatment of fatigue and anxiety commonly experienced by fibromyalgia patients. It indicated also that patients who received acupuncture reported improvement in their symptoms of fatigue and anxiety and their acupuncture treatment was well tolerated, with minimal side effects.
There are few essential helpful tips you should take in order to prevent Fibromyalgia:
    • 1.Do not eat any processed foods , particularly those with a lot of sugar and white flour products. These products give our bodies little nutrition and over time can damage our digestion as well as cause obesity, one of the common problems related to fibromyalgia.
      2. Try to eat healthy food such as unprocessed foods in your diet which include organic vegetables, whole grains and legumes (beans and bean products, especially soy based products).
      3. Avoid eating fatty foods, ice cold drinks, alcohol, raw and uncooked foods, peppery foods, coffee, and too much sweety fruit. Avoid daily juice drinks since these are the same as eating a candy bar in the amount of sugar introduced into the body.
      4. Avoid drinking sodas because they are acidic and loaded with sugar and chemicals. Sodas are detrimental to both the spleen and the kidneys.
      5. Daily exercises which are enjoyable, such as swimming, yoga, stretching, and bicycling.
      6. Daily brisk walking for at least 30 minutes. So that you have to take a walk every day, alone or with a dog or cat, play with them daily. This is a great way to break stressful daily routines.
      7. Try to listen to some relaxation tapes with guided imaging. This means bodily relaxation as well as mental repose. Use these tapes daily for the best results.
      8. If you have too much emotional and/or physical stresses, then find a solution. This may be finding a new job or new, more supportive relationships. Understand that stress alone can kill you, and if you smoke and consume alcohol to escape stressful situations, you are only fooling yourself.
      9.Find a Chinese medical practitioner who can help you maintain good health with Chinese medicinal herbs and acupuncture. If you visit with a practitioner on a regular basis, before you become ill, then you avoid many other more serious problems later. Remember that the strong suit of Traditional Chinese Medicine is prevention.