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What are the factors that affect women’s fertility during acupuncture treatment (with or without IVF)?

The main aim of acupuncture in Chinese Medicine is to work on the causes of infertility, its nature and then the course of the treatment process. Recent advances in reproductive endocrinology and medical research trials have indicated that the role of personality factors or different kind of stress ]could contribute to infertility. Therefore, the life style of the woman and the stresses might affect the prospect of having a baby.

Not only acupuncture treatment on its own can resolve the problem of infertility without considering the change of life style and reducing the level of all stresses. Usually the stresses induce the release of bad hormones (such as adrenalin and noradrenaline) and suppress the secretion of good feeling hormones (such as endorphins “the naturally produced morphine”). Any woman who is seeking acupuncture treatment for her infertility should consider the following Factors:

Every woman can be exposed to certain level of stress during her fertile life. However, the impact of stress will depend on:
a.type of stress (emotional, physical or climatic stress “change climate or weather”)
b.severity of stress
c.and how the body can tolerate the negative impact of stress.
Mostly the working women would suffer from stress on daily basis compare to that in housewives. Published clinical research has showed that women with higher levels of  bad hormones linked to experience problems getting pregnant. However, By adapting a healthy lifestyle and considering general health check might greatly increase the chances of getting pregnant soon! 
2. Healthy Diet and reduce weight in obesity:
It is essential for every woman who is planning to have a baby to consider a healthy diet on daily basis until she achieves the pregnancy (with or without IVF). For those who are overweight, such excess in weight may have negative impacts on hormone production and makes it difficult to get pregnant. It is indicated by recent clinical trial that obese women at the age of 18 were more likely to develop polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) (the most common cause of infertility). Also the too thin woman may also have a problem of infertility. Anorexic and severe loss of weight in women may lead to deficiency in leptin – the hormone that controls hunger and feelings of satiety – which contributes to the absence of menstrual periods (Amenorrhea). However, any women with infertility disorder should maintain a healthy body weight as well as adopting a healthy eating if she is planning to conceive. Furthermore, a healthy diet should be combined with regular exercise in order to address correctly the issues on weight.       
3. Alcohol and Smoking  
The worse social habits of drinking alcohol and smoking have a great effect on women who are planning for pregnancy. The alcohol and smoking (which affect the hormonal function as well as the DNA), not only prevent conception but also induce many side effects on pregnancy and the development of the baby with consequences of still birth. Over the recommended limits of alcohol drinking  may affect the ovulation process as it was pointed out in the recent study by Swedish researchers. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, the woman should refrain for alcohol consumption and to quit smoking.  
4. Certain systemic disorders:
Some Medical disorders can slim the chance of pregnancy. For example, certain autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus which can affect the egg fertilisation by either attacking the sperm or rejecting the embryo implantation. Thyroid disorders may also have negative effect on fertility as the recent clinical trials have showed that such disorders can contribute to infertility, particularly the ovulation. Therefore, it is important for every patient having infertility problem should be investigated for hypo or hyperactive thyroid disorders.
Research studies have indicated that people who drink water before the three traditional meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) may lose weight faster than drink it during or after. This is because the effect of water l will lead to the sense of fullness and the end results will be eating less food with fewer calories in each meal.
5. Other factors to consider:
A healthy diet should be considered by eliminating all junk food (including red meat (Pork, beef and lamb but eating white meat, such chicken, Turkey or fish), Fatty meal (sausages, pies, fish and chips or any food soaked in oil or frying)  and sugary food (chocolates, biscuits, cake and refined sugar), but eating all vegetables and fruits. Avoid excessive tea or coffee (particularly Latte which has a negative impact on fertility by interfering with the muscle contractions that help the movement of eggs from the ovaries down to the womb. Exposure to certain chemical such as pesticides, pollutants and other toxic materials my reduce the chance of the couple's to have children.

For further information on the benefits of acupuncture therapy in infertility (with or wihout IVF), please contact our clinical director, Dr. Tukmachi, on 07814696437 or visit our website: www.acumedica.co.uk