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acupuncture treatment in manchester

Calderbank Medical Chambers
599 Wilmslow Road
Didsbury, Manchester, M20 3QD


ACUMEDICA CLINIC is located in Manchester - Didsbury offers Western and Traditional Chinese acupuncture integrated with modern scientific analysis and technology. Our clinic is always striving to offer up to date of the best effective treatments and is aiming to treat both common ailments and complex conditions by using natural and holistic methods of acupuncture medicine.

The acupuncture treatment at Acumedica clinic is always try to address and solve the root of the problem and provide preventive care that helps avoid progression into more severe illnesses.

Acumedica clinic makes it possible for practitioners to concentrate in what it is best way in treating patients. Most patients who come to our Acumedica clinic, have been suffering from various health problems for years and turn to Acupuncture as their “last resort.” We are so grateful and fulfilled because we are so often able to provide relief, healing and new possibilities for their wellness and vitality



Acupuncture clinic manchester

Acupuncture clinic Didsbury


Acumedica Acupuncture Treatment Clinic
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