Is Surgical operation really necessary for Osteoarthritis?
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Is Surgical operation really necessary for Osteoarthritis?Western and Chinese acupuncture therapy is proved to be the best alternative



In many cases of osteoarthritis, the predisposition for this type of disorder is genetic. However, that does not mean the situation is hopeless. It is possible to prevent or at least postpone the development of osteoarthritis.
An appropriate lifestyle and special measures decelerate the development of osteoarthritis. During the treatment of this disorder the patient should pay special attention to physical exercises. Only when the joint is moved its metabolism is animated and consequently the cartilage is fed.
Treating the joint with too much care is the wrong approach; it weakens the joint's metabolism and the surrounding muscles. However, putting too much pressure on the joint has a bad effect too. To sum it up, arthritic joints should be moved regularly, but always within reason.
A walking aid is an option to lessen the effect of hip and knee osteoarthritis. So that the exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming and water gymnastics are highly recommended. However, in advance stage of osteoarthritis pain killers and aniti-inflammatory medication may work in short-term but with many side effects in long-term.
Osteoarthritis is  a degenerative disease where the joint gradually wears away. There are many causes attributed to osteoarthritis such as excess stress on the joint and some times due to injuries or deformities or may be due to overweight. Osteoarthritis occurs in middle-aged and older peoples, but young person are not excluded to develop such disorder (which may be an inherited).
In Western Medicine,  The treatment of osteoarthritis  is usually with pain (pain killers such as aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol): non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Nuprin, Advil). This type of treatment may be coupled with exercises to restore joint movement and strengthen the joint.
What is the benefit of acupuncture in treating osteoarthritis?
One of the main benefit of acupuncture in treating osteoarthritis is that it has negligible side effects compare to that of many drugs or other medical procedures. Recent research studies in animals and humans indicated that acupuncture can release the natural pain killer, endorphins (known as the opioid peptides) which has the powerful analgesic effects. Such clinical trials have provided a better understanding of the mechanisms involved, and might lead to improvements in osteoarthritis treatment.
What is the benefit of acupuncture in treating osteoarthritis?
Finally, Acupuncture is now widely accepted by public and medical professions inthe United Kingdom. So besides regular exercises, nutrition and change of lifestyle,acupuncture plays a major role too. Acupuncture can reduce the intensity of pain andStiffness by stimulating the gland in the brain (pituitary gland) to release the goodnatural pain killer (Endorphins) and natural anti-inflammatory hormone (cortisol) toclear the inflammation.
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